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Bakery lines TDIM, projects for turn key lines, automatic or semi-automatic lines, partial modifications and connections for existing lines, etc.
Sweet pastry and burns lines TDIM, projects for turn key lines, automatization of processes and has the most modern and advanced technology.
Automatization of processes Automatization of processes, we are expert using systems and computerized and electromecanichs elements to control machines.

TDIM - Technologies for the art of breadmaking

Welcome to TDIM

DIM is a comprehensive manufacturer of technical equipment for bakeries, pastry shops and confectionaries, although the machinery we produce also has other uses. We are backed by over 30 years of professional experience developing food manufacturing projects throughout Spain, Portugal, France, The Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, Rumanía, Kuwait, the United States and Central American  countries. This domestic and international presence consolidates us as one of the leaders in the sector.

Our wealth of expertise and our capacity for everyday innovation ensure that Talleres DIM products boast the highest quality, reliability and competitiveness in the market.

Corporate values

At DIM, we are focused on improving our products each and every day. Our core values include:

  • Highly qualified team / The people in our company care about the client from start to finish. Thus, we transform the user’s needs into custom solutions.
  • Business advice / One of DIM’s distinguishing features is that always presents detailed information about our products and services. Our rates are always adjusted and adapted to our clients’ specific business model requirements.
  • Continuous innovation / DIM fosters a series of synergies with European companies to develop new techniques for improving products.
  • The best trust us / The quality and excellence of our products have inspired Spain’s most prestigious companies to rely on us for decades.


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